Advanced Solutions Technical Institute

Who are we at ASTI?

Advanced Solutions Technical Institute (ASTI) is the premier technological and business educational institute in Trinidad and Tobago. It is distinct and distinguished with an unmatched selection of comprehensive programs ranging from, Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Bachelors, master and Postgraduate Degrees.

We provide academic and practical solutions to students, companies, and many other clients.

For students, ASTI delivers and accompanies them through structured programs that incrementally and holistically build their skills, prowess, and proficiency in different fields of technology and business to ensure that upon advancement of each level, the student is confident, competent, and qualified to operate any field. Our strategic blend of theoretical and practical application, upgraded labs, and internationally recognized quality-assured programs are administered by professionals in the industry, in small-personalized settings where participants can receive individualized attention

When were we founded?

ASTI was founded in 2001, with the driving intent to provide academic and practical solutions in Trinidad and Tobago, regionally and globally, catering to students, companies, and many other clients. We focus on global perspectives and trends, keeping a finger on the pulse of technological and business innovation and application. By conveying a

global view to our graduates and clients, ASTI encourages and empowers them to join and contribute to the progressive nature of technology and business.

Where are we located?

Our first campus is located at #46 Boundary Rd, San Juan. Our Second Campus is located at Sam’s Plaza, Aranguez. With several recently announced partnerships regionally, you can soon expect several affiliate centers throughout the wider Caribbean. Also expected soon are branches expected in both South and Tobago, as the demand for several new and exciting courses of study, such as our popular hybrid and renewable energy. Very soon, your quality education is but a scenic drive away

Programmes Offered

Specializations in Business Management