In response to the evolving needs of the global education landscape, European International University (EIU-Paris) is poised to take a transformative step by establishing a dedicated Special Education Department. This strategic move is not just a testament to EIU’s commitment to inclusivity but a proactive initiative to address the unique challenges faced by students with learning disabilities. The department will serve as a beacon of accessible education, promoting equal opportunities and empowering both students and educators on a global scale.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal is to provide comprehensive training and knowledge to both general education teachers and individuals passionate about special education. The aim is to empower them with the skills necessary for effective inclusion and support for learners with diverse needs, particularly those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. The courses offered under this department will cover topics such as understanding special educational needs, strategies for dyslexia support, and inclusive teaching methodologies. By enhancing the expertise of educators and enthusiasts, we contribute to a more inclusive educational landscape.

Partnership between EIU-Paris and BioDyslexia

In pursuit of the department’s established goals and objectives, a synergistic partnership has been established between EIU-Paris and BioDyslexia. This collaborative endeavor is dedicated to providing extensive training and knowledge in the realm of inclusive education. We extend an invitation to teachers, irrespective of their background in special education, to actively participate in and pursue the online courses offered by EIU. As a manifestation of our unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive education, BioDyslexia introduces a specialized certificate and diploma program. This initiative is crafted to further augment educators’ capabilities in catering to the unique needs of students with learning disabilities. Join us in our mission to advocate for education that esteems diversity and supports the distinctive requirements of every learner!

About Biodyslexia

For over a year, BioDyslexia’s mission has been to empower students facing learning disabilities, fostering their growth into confident learners equipped with skills to triumph in life well beyond our classrooms.

BioDyslexia stands as a comprehensive learning programme for Dyslexia and other learning disabilities. The programme, rooted in research, involves a dynamic process of identifying and intervening in Dyslexia through Biofeedback Protocol and Script. The synergy of  Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic (VAKT) Teaching Method, combined with biofeedback mind-body techniques, has consistently shown to accelerate learning, enhance impulse control, cultivate emotional resilience, sharpen academic focus, and amplify self-assurance. Notably, the BioDyslexia programme proudly stands as a global pioneer, attaining recognition from esteemed higher education institutions and the esteemed HeartMath Institute USA. With an impressive track record, BioDyslexia has earned two gold awards in local and international innovation competitions.

Message from the Dean

It is both an honor and a privilege to serve  as the Dean of Studies in Special Education

Department at European International University (EIU).

As the Dean, I’ve got some exciting news to share

– we’re shifting our focus to something truly impactful – educating  educators, teachers, and anyone interested in understanding Special Needs and Disabilities.

Being an educator myself, I’ve always had a deep passion for  supporting kids with special needs and learning differences.

But here’s the thing – many educators and teachers don’t have the know-how, and that’s  where we come in!

At EIU, we aspire to be the go-to destination for educators, teachers, and anyone interested in  special education seeking the knowledge they require. I firmly believe that  everyone  involved in education should possess at least basic knowledge on how to assist students, or at  least guide them to get the necessary support they need, especially those with learning  differences. Unfortunately, these students are often overlooked, and we aim to change that.  After all, aren’t educators and teachers superheroes for those pursuing knowledge? Teachers,  you are superheroes! Let’s work together to make you the best superhero there is!

Looking ahead, I envision a future where every individual, regardless of their unique abilities  or age, is capable of learning within an inclusive environment and continuing to pursue  higher education. This is only possible if their teachers or educators are aware of their  differences and can pave the way for them to do so. Frequently, these  remarkable  individuals remain unaware of their potential for academic success.

We’re not just aiming to fill the gaps in knowledge; we’re building bridges. Bridges that  extend to individuals with learning disabilities – we are genuinely a place that cares for  everyone. So, whether you’re an educator, teacher, or just intrigued by special education, join  us at the Special Education Department at EIU. Let’s make a real difference together –  transforming education into a more inclusive and caring space for everyone.

Dr. Sri Juliana Safri
Dr. Sri Juliana Safri Dean of Studies
Special Education Department
European International University
Dr. Shamina Deol (Psychologist)
Dr. Shamina Deol (Psychologist) Faculty Member
Special Education Department
European International University
Dr. Celestine Tan
Dr. Celestine Tan Faculty Member
Special Education Department
European International University
Dr John Lim
Dr John Lim Faculty Member
Special Education Department
European International University
Dr. Hidaia Alnajjar
Dr. Hidaia Alnajjar Faculty Member
Special Education Department
European International University

Programmes Offered