An 18 hour (3 session) development programme that highlights and implements international best practice for facilitating learning.


This Advanced Learning Facilitation programme provides the participants with guidance and experiences on how to progress learning for their attendees in an involved and engaged way.

It targets international best practice in creating a conducive learning environment and providing activities that build capability and confidence in using interactive learning approaches that enhance knowledge, skills and shape attitude and appetite.

Further emphasis on learning for influencing, change and impact management provides a broad base of skills and techniques for the advanced facilitator to take away from the programme.

Practice sessions throughout the programme lead to a final practice facilitation session.

Completion of the programme leads to certification by EIU-Paris (also ASIC UK accredited) at international level 7! 


The overall objective of the programme is to raise the participants level of capability and confidence to facilitate learning programmes at international standard level 7


Essentially the ability to progress groups and individuals in advancing knowledge, skills and appetite to improve capabilities and deliver enhanced performance and potential.

  1. Creating a conducive learning climate by use of clarity, support and small group activities.
  2. Learning from experiences vis trainer and trainee “hat swiiching” sessions.
  3. Clarifying knowledge, skills and appetite learning objectives and best practice approaches to advancing all three.
  4. Several practice sessions for participants to develop capability/confidence in applying best practice approaches.
  5. An emphasis on conducting activities that influence and facilitate change.
  6. A summary “takeaway” session for the organisation and the individual participant.
LEARNING OUTCOMES – Specific Learning Outcomes Include
  • Determining how to create a conducive learning environment.
  • Increasing ability to create learning context, activity and facilitate appropriate learning points.
  • The ability to use enhanced influence and change management skills to progress knowledge, skills and attitude/appetite.
  • Outlining the 3 levels of appetite for learning actions; accept, prefe­­r and committed to.
  • Prefer to design and deliver future learning programmes using best practice interactive (attitude shaping) approaches.


NB – An intensive and interactive programme that can be enjoyed by those already in training or facilitation roles who wish to advance their capabilities in that role and potentially work with more advanced/senior audiences.                                       


Successful completion of this training leads to professional certification by the European International University, EIU-Paris.



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