The Practitioner’s Doctorate degree programmes offered at the European International University (EIU-Paris), are aimed at further enhancing professionals in 3 specific vocational fields, namely business administration and management (D.B.A. and D.Man.), teaching and education (Ed.D.), as well as psychology (Psy.D.).

Since the Practitioner’s Doctorate programmes are undertaken by professionals working in specific vocational sectors, the programmes focus on, and revolve around real-life issues, challenges, and problems that impact workplace dynamics, interactions and performance.

Action research carried out by EIU-Paris’ doctorate students are aimed at solving some of these real-life issues and challenges, along with contributing to the existing body of knowledge and scholarly theories in  the field of management, education, and psychology. 

Further, EIU-Paris provides two routes to pursuing and completing its Practitioner’s Doctorate degree programmes, namely: