A 2 day (12 hours) intensive development programme that highlights the progress made by HR in delivering advice and services to aid business success.

An outline understanding of the progress made by HR from the role of traditional administrator to one of full impactive business partner and more. 


For participants to increase their knowledge of business impactive HR services that have been designed and delivered worldwide in recent years and therefore services they themselves can deliver (if in HR) or expect/request (if in business) where not being provided.


Essentially a practical examinations of the progress made by HR where it has achieved the ability to contribute to business/organisation success.

  1. HR Progress Continuum
    3 key influences that led to (and continue to lead to) HR as a true business partner.
  1. Strategic Human Capital Advice and Counsel
    The key HR service
  1. Performance, Development and Rewards Deliverables
  1. Resourcing, Talent and Learning Deliverables
  1. Organisation Development and Design
    Attaining and retaining employer of choice status.
  2. HR Analysis & Metrics and link to business outcomes

***Key action points and takeaways for both the organisation and the individual***


Successful completion of this training leads to professional certification by the European International University, EIU-Paris. (ASIC UK ACCREDITED)


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