Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Hospitality and Hotel Management (Top-Up) equips the learner with the ability to take part of the hospitality and hotel industry which is one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century. Learners who study the B.B.A. in Hospitality and Hotel Management will be able to complete within the dynamic and rapidly evolving field with the knowledge that will enable the learner to excel in the workforce. This specialisation will give learners meaningful insight and understanding on topics such as Human Resource Management, Sustainable Development, Strategic Hotel Planning, Hospitality Marketing and Sales, and Housekeeping Management.

€ 999

1 year

10-12 hrs per week

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  1. HHM310 Housekeeping Management
    This module will provide learners with an understanding of the responsibilities of managing the housekeeping division, inventory management, and cleaning procedures.
  2. HHM320 Food and Beverage Management (FBM)
    This module will equip learners with an understanding of managing food cost, controlling quality and standards, and handling inventory.
  3. HHM330 Strategic Facility Planning
    This module will provide learners with the practical knowledge of the required steps to strategize and plan for facility expansions.
  4. HHM340 Sustainable Hotel and Hospitality Management
    This module looks into how the hospitality industry can decrease its use of resources, and take a more sustainable approach to manage their impact on the environment.
  5. HHM350 Hotel Business Marketing
    In this module, learners will learn the necessary strategies to market a hotel to the 21st-century customer. This module covers topics such as the use of an online travel agency, revenue management strategies, and the importance of effective digital marketing.
  6. HHM360 Hotel Financial Management
    This module also focuses on loan repayment and reliable financial indicators that examine the finances of a hotel.
  7. HHM370 Hotel Event Management
    This module looks into all of the behind-the-scenes efforts that event managers handle in order to meet the customers’ expectations.
  8. HHM380 Hotel and Hospital Management Capstone Project
    This module will allow learners to demonstrate their knowledge of both theories and the understanding of practical applications in the business world. By completing the Capstone Project, students will demonstrate their abilities to apply the necessary theories in real-world applications.

  1. Mastery of and competency in specific targeted job skills much required for personal impact and professional success.
  2. Nationally recognised and international accredited BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN HOTEL AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT evidencing your competitive advantage in the job market, locally and internationally.
  3. Greater confidence to face job-related tasks and achievement of optimised performance.
  4. Direct application of relevant vocation-specific skills and technical know-how transfer for significantly improved performance at workplace.
  5. Higher likelihood of being considered for job promotions and salary upgrades.
  6. Become officially certified as EXPERT SPECIALIST, both theoretically and practically, in HOTEL AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT.

Entry Requirement for BBA Top-up Programme: 

1. Applicant should possess a recognized Higher Diploma (or Level 4 equivalent) in business or management, or any other related field.
2. Applicant should possess proof of English language proficiency such as IELTS (5.5 or its equivalent), TOEFL or pass EIU’s English proficiency test.
3. Applicant should possess a high level of motivation and self-discipline.
4. Applicant should possess basic smartphone or computer operating knowledge and skills.

Mature Entry Option (to be considered on case-by-case basis, and ONLY applicable to mature adults / professionals) 
* Applicant should possess at least 6 years of professional working experience** in business or management field (or any related field), and/or possess valid high school completion certification (or its equivalent). 

**proven through verifiable evidences submitted to the university

We recommend an average of 10-12 hours study time per week for this programme.

1 year

Personalised, easy to understand text-based (reading materials) interactive resources that progressively and systematically takes the learner through various areas of competencies required at the workplace, in a specialised field of study.

Personalised exercises, assignments and/or quizzes are utilised throughout the course/programme to measure progress in learning. Such comprehensive assessment procedure is characterised by being diagnostic, formative (intervention-oriented), and summative.

100% completion of courses and assessment therein is required to be able to get certified in the said course and/or programme.

EIU-Paris follows European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS academic credits scheme). The ECTS credit system makes degree programmes and student performance more transparent and comparable all across European Union countries.

Each B.B.A. programme consists of 24 core modules including a final year research project module. Each of the 24 modules carry 7.5 ECTS (7.5*24 = 180 ECTS).

Higher Distinction 90-100%
Distinction 80-89%
First Division 70-79%
Second Division 60-69%
Satisfactory 50-59%
Unsatisfactory 49% and below

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