IELTS Coach – Intermediate (CEF Level B1)


IELTS Coach is a self-study course at B1 level, developed in partnership with the British Council, for learners who need to improve their test scores on the Listening and Reading sections of the Academic IELTS exam.

Common European Framework CEFR: B1 – B2
IELTS: 4 – 5
Hours of Content: 15 hours Listening and 15 hours Reading

IELTS Skill Areas Reading: Scanning; Identifying main ideas, References and problems; Paraphrasing; Using contextual clues; Comparing information and statements; Connections between sentences and paragraphs; Understanding the writer’s opinion; Interpreting numbers and data; Skimming; Understanding evaluation; Text structure; Cause and effect; Meaning from context; Identifying feelings and attitudes.

IELTS Skill Areas Listening: Activating existing knowledge; Dealing with distracting information; Note-taking and summaries; Identifying agreement and disagreement; Prediction; Identifying main ideas, References and problems; Recognizing synonym and paraphrase; Understanding implication, evaluation and directions; Following an argument; Understanding feelings and attitudes; Vagueness and certainty.

IELTS Coach and IELTS Trainer can be used flexibly as a self-study course, or as a homework supplement for face-to-face IELTS training. Those who are willing to study 2-3 hours a week over several months will see a significant improvement in their level and in their test score.

Each lesson is broken down into short sections that will help develop listening and reading skills, test-taking strategies and vocabulary.
Lessons focus on specific skills and feature texts that are designed to effectively practice these skills.

They also include a focus on specific task types, with explanations and tips on how best to tackle these, followed by practice activities.
Further support and language work is provided through the vocabulary sections, which, inspired by the texts, will extend the student’s range of language.
An end-of-lesson test checks students’ ability to deal with specific tasks effectively.

IELTS Coach - Intermediate (CEF Level B1) feature:

  • 30 lessons at B1 level covering Academic IELTS Listening and Reading.
  • Language focus sections to increase knowledge of IELTS-related vocabulary.
  • Structured listening and reading practice with all IELTS-related question types.
  • Animated tutorials and skill summaries to help learners understand the exam format and improve their test-taking strategies.
  • Built in review of test-taking strategies to maximise practice and build confidence.


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