After Effects – Learn Motion Graphic Design



As technology advances, motion graphics are becoming a more and more integral part of almost all videos as well as becoming far more cost-effective. Motion graphics are easily adaptable to all kinds of industries and sectors. They can create social awareness on important issues by using lighter graphics. Though this course, you may expect to learn how to create such motion graphics customized and in specific to your company.

  • Create beautiful motion graphics
  • Animate compelling infographics
  • Choose the correct video settings.
  • You’ll learn how to export your video easily.
  • You’ll be able to create slick type animations.
  • Rendering your video to Youtube & Vimeo.
  • Create titles for interviews.
  • Add music to your motion graphics.
  • Trim & editing video.
  • Add watermarking your video.
  • Fixing shaky footage.
  • Color correct & fix any bad footage.
  • Add a vignette to your video.
  • Learn how to use your skills from Illustrator & Photoshop
  • How to use green screen footage
  • How to mask like a pro.
  • How to animate infographics like bar graphs, line graphs & pie charts.
  • How to use a camera to make 3D type.
  • Animating static images using parallax
  • Plus basic character animation.
  • + More…

It is possible that you desire to celebrate your accomplishment in completing courses in our reskilling programme by receiving relevant, verifiable, nationally recognized and internationally accredited professional qualifications (digital copy) that correspond to the course(s) you had undertaken and successfully concluded. This is possible at an affordable fee as follows: 

  1. Completed one course –  Eligible for PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE (FOUNDATION LEVEL) @ 29 Euro only 
  2. Completed two courses – Eligible for PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE (PRACTITIONER LEVEL)  @ 39 Euro only 
  3. Completed three courses – Eligible for PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE (EXPERT LEVEL) @ 49 Euro only 
  4. Completed four courses – Eligible for PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE (MASTER LEVEL) @ 59 Euro only 
  5. Completed five courses – Eligible for PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA @ 69 Euro only 
  6. Completed six courses – Eligible for PROFESSIONAL HIGHER DIPLOMA @ 79 Euro only
  7. Completed seven courses – Eligible for PROFESSIONAL POST GRADUATE CERTIFICATE @ 89 Euro only 
  8. Completed eight courses – Eligible for PROFESSIONAL POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA @ 99 Euro only 

To request for a digital copy award, please contact:

Note: Since you are permitted to select the course(s) that are most useful to your own job roles, the specialization field mentioned on the qualification ordered will be determined by you. In other words, you would decide what to call your qualification. For example, if you had completed three courses, namely, Body Language for Professional Success, Public Speaking, and Workplace Communication, you could then choose to request your award to be granted with the name ADVANCED COMMUNICATION SKILLS, or PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS, or any others, as per your own liking and choice. Hence, your full qualification will be called “PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE (EXPERT LEVEL) in ADVANCED COMMUNICATION SKILLS”


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