Dr.Paolo Euron


Paolo Euron studied philosophy in Turin (Italy), in Stuttgart (Germany) and in London. He has got the Ph.D. in Aesthetics at the University of Bologna. He worked for the Italian Consulate General in Stuttgart, he taught philosophy at the University of Turin (2001-2011) and then ten years long at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, where he has received the qualification as an Assistant Professor. He has received the qualification as an Associate Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of Languages from the Italian Ministry of University and Research.

Paolo Euron has published books and articles on aesthetics, philosophy, Italian literature and art, including the essays “Beauty and Aesthetic Experience in Theravada Buddhism” in «Contemporary Buddhism» (Routledge, 2017), “The History of Italian and Western Ideas in the Teaching of Culture, Art and Literature” in «Strumenti Critici» (Il Mulino, 2017), “Half-Naked Bodies in Anime and Western Culture Industry: Intercultural Remarks on the Aesthetics of Transgression” in «Popular Enquires. The Journal of Kitsch, Camp and Mass Culture» (Aalto University, Finland, 2020) and the book Aesthetics, Theory and Interpretation of the Literary Work (Brill, Leiden/Boston 2019). He has also published several books in Italian which span from the history of philosophy to aesthetics. His works propose an intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective which encompasses psychology, social and intercultural studies, literary and critical theory.


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