Mr. Robert Brand


P.M.P & Prince 2 Practitioner

Expert Advisor in Professional Project Management

Mr. Robert Brand has been designing educational materials, developing courses, and delivering training for more than 19 years in SE Asia and Canada. He speaks several languages, including Thai, Dutch and English fluently. He has taught leadership, team development and business communication skills at institutions in Canada and Thailand, including the Career Development Institute, Bangkok University and Dorset College, as well as at leading corporations including Siemens, Mitsubishi and Hewlett Packard. He is a certified Project Management Professional and is best known for his credibility.

Mr. Brand believes in lifelong learning. His qualifications include an English Teaching Certificate, two Technical Training Certificates, three Project Management Certificates, a Certificate in Food and Beverage Administration, a Diploma in Educational Media & Instructional Design, and a Degree in Business Management.

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