Dr. Johan Van Rooyen

South Africa

Ph.D In Economics, Edinburgh University & M.B.A, Harvard University

Expert Advisor in Business Management & Finance

Dr. Johan Van Rooyen has a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Economics from Edinburgh University.

He has served 5 years for the President of South Africa, the Great Nelson Mandela, as International Trade Relations Officer (Office of the President), under which he undertook and oversaw many development projects in the country and actively provided strategic leadership and managerial input for effective projects outcomes.

Later, Dr. Rooyen became actively involved in education and training at Suzhou University in China, as the Head of International Programmes Department. Currently, Dr Johan is appointed as lecturer and academic advisor of the MBA programme at Webster University, Thailand. He in-charge of courses such as Managerial Accounting, Finance, Advanced Finance, Managerial Economics, International Trade and Personal Finance.

Dr. Rooyen’s unique approach to training, engagement of trainees during sessions and the deliberate care he provides to each and every training participant makes him one of our most sought-after trainers in the country.

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