In just a few months of commencing our operations, The European International University (EIU-Paris) is proud to have forged strong ties with about 15 different institutions around the world, in countries such as Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. Our expansion initiatives and efforts are just beginning.
EIU-Paris is keen on expanding its global presence by proactively and closely working with local institutions in a wide range of countries. EIU-Paris is ready to join hands with vocational training providers, as well as institutions of higher learning located anywhere in the world to collaboratively offer top-quality vocational and academic programmes and qualifications.
These strategic partnerships would provide learners with equal and unfailing access to high-quality education within the context of their own local experiences and job demands. While we provide international vocational and higher education, we wish for our learners to be respectful, sensitive and relevant to their own local community needs for sustainable development in various aspects of daily living as well as professional undertakings.
As such EIU-Paris deems it important to tap into local resources and work with existing vocational and higher education providers to further boost their profile, offerings, and effectiveness, consequently raising standards and providing impactful services to learners.

EIU-Paris offers two partnership arrangements for potential institutions to consider:

1. Become our Official Learning Support Centre (LSC) to offer programmes and qualifications to learners in the local community. In this arrangement, the local partner would promote, recruit, enroll learners into EIU-Paris programmes, as well as provide them with excellent pastoral care, while EIU-Paris handles all academic-related activities, including curriculum delivery, assessment of and for learning, and eventually, conferment of qualification on deserving students, or

2. Programme Validation & Certification Centre (PVCC) – Get existing institutions’ own programmes validated and approved, leading to the conferment of EIU-Paris qualifications. For example, a training provider in Nepal may get their own programme audited by EIU academic & quality assurance team, and thereby qualify to grant their trainees EIU’s professional certification upon successful completion of the said programme. Similarly, a local university in South Korea, for example, may have its own MBA programme, along with its faculty and staff, validated and approved by EIU academic and quality assurance team (audit team), consequently leading to the conferment of EIU’s second (dual) Master’s degree to graduates of the university in South Korea. Providing graduates with additional European qualification increases chances for international job mobility and more promising career prospects for them.

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