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Join us as EIU Affiliate and start earning rewarding commissions !

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What is an Affiliate Programme?

Our “Affiliate Programme” is a relationship between you (the “Affiliate”) and us (“EIU”) wherein we pay you for bringing students to us. However, you will only be paid once a successful and actual enrollment has been made. This programme of ours requires no payment, is very user-friendly and totally risk-free!

**Please NOTE:  Affiliate is only available for our MBA Programmes

**The Minimum amount you could withdraw from your Affiliate account is **500 EUR excluding tax payment gateway.

Affiliate Programmes and Commission Structure

Our affiliate programme commission structure allows you to earn limitless amounts of commission with opportunities for commission increases.

Corporate Affiliate

  1. Special VIP Package
    This package is available to corporate affiliates who have submitted evidence of company incorporation and are subject to EIU’s approval. Once approved, they can start recruiting and enrolling students into our world-class MBA Programmes and get EUR 499 per successful enrollment as commission.

** All commissions can only be earned upon successful enrollment.

If you want to learn and earn extra money or unlimited amounts of commissions on the side, then this EIU Affiliate Programme is for you!

How to Withdraw your commission

The Affiliate’s Fees and Payout shall be available upon filling out a form. The Affiliate must then provide their preferred mode of payment i.e. PayPal or Bank Transfer.

**All Fees exclude Taxes

In EIU Affiliate Programmes, everybody is a WINNER!
Being an EIU affiliate is beneficial for both you and your referrals. They would get great deals on one side and you will get cash on the other side for every successful enrollment they make through your affiliate link. All these are possible while you are learning.

Steps to follow:

  1. Provide your complete details:
    Give your Name, Valid Email Address, Phone Number
  2. Place your ad
    Choose from over 5 banners and other marketing collaterals to be advertised. Being tech savvy is not required – all you have to do is simply copy and paste the code we will provide to your webpage, blog or email and you’re good to go!
  3. Earn your commision
    Every click through EIU from your ads are considered as referrals. If they make a successful enrollment, then you will automatically earn your commission!

These Terms and Conditions govern the Affiliate Programme offered by EIU. This whole agreement represents an understanding between EIU (referred to as “Us”) and the individual or entity who takes part in the Affiliate Programme (referred to as “You”). It is important to read this agreement carefully as it serves as a legal binding agreement between you and EIU. By submitting your application and making use of our Affiliate Programme, you agree to comply with all the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Referral Tracking
EIU will provide the Affiliate with the code for the banners and other marketing collaterals. EIU would then track users or visitors with the use of cookies. The affiliate should not in any way modify or alter the codes or the cookies. EIU will not be responsible for any errors that may result from such modifications or alterations.

Affiliate Fees and Payouts
A referral only becomes payable once it is converted into an enrollment. The amount of the payout is dependent on the number of referrals converted. Also, the referral’s account must remain active,  in good standing and has not had any of its payment refunded charged back, or reversed in order for the payout to push through.

All Affiliate Fee payments will be payable in EURO only. Payment shall be made available through PayPal or bank transfer whichever mode the affiliate prefers.

In the event of any suspicious or fraudulent activities, EIU has the sole discretion to delay the payment to the Affiliate and reserves the right to recalculate, void, or disqualify any referrals.

EIU hereby grants the Affiliate a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to use EIU’s logos for the sole purpose of marketing our service. This right shall be revoked upon termination of the Affiliate’s participation in our Affiliate Programme.

Should the Affiliate terminate their participation in our Affiliate programme, they must submit to us a written notice of such termination.

EIU on the other hand, reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate’s participation at any time for conduct that is against this agreement and for conduct that is deemed harmful to our business or any third party for that matter.

Upon termination, the Affiliate will lose all access and shall forfeit all potential or unpaid Affiliate Fees.

Relationship of Parties
Both EIU and the Affiliate are considered as different entities. This agreement does not create any partnership, representation, or joint venture between the parties. Therefore, the Affiliate has no authority to act on EIU’s behalf.

Limitation of Liability
EIU does not assume responsibility for any damages, injury, or economic loss arising from our Affiliate Programme. Should any part of it may cause damage or inconvenience to the Affiliate or any claimant through the Affiliate, it is the Affiliate’s responsibility and not EIU’s.

In such cases, EIU, its directors, officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, and third parties are absolved from any kind of liability arising out of or relating to the Affiliate’s use of the Affiliate Programme.

This Affiliate Agreement may be changed or modified by EIU in its sole discretion at any time, with or without notice. Such changes or modifications shall take effect upon posting on this website and it is the Affiliate’s responsibility to read this document from time to time to ensure that their actions are in compliance with this agreement.

**Please NOTE:  Affiliate is only available for our MBA Programmes

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