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Documents issued in one country which need to be used in another country must be “authenticated” or “legalized” before they can be recognized as valid in the foreign country. This is a process in which various seals are placed on the document. For convenient and cross-border (international) use of your EIU certification (qualifications), you could consider getting your certificate (qualification) attested or apostilled in France. When a document is attested, it eliminates all worries regarding the genuineness of the documentation and eases the process of your international endeavor. Such authentication is a legal necessity for all cross-border undertakings involving personal or career-related advancements

The Process of Apostille / Attestation in France:

Like other member countries of Hague Convention (, France also has a standard procedure for obtaining an Apostille certificate. It is a certification used for the validation of a signature or seal on a public document issued in the home country. You should submit the original copies of the documents to be attested along with a declaration form and passport copy to obtain this certificate. The procedure usually varies according to the specific requirements of each country and frequent changes made by the Embassy or Consulate officials. Typically, it involves:

  • Legal translation of the documents if required.
  • Notarization for the non-government documents in France.
  • Attestation or Apostille from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France.
  • Final attestation from the respective Embassy.

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